Monday, July 03, 2006


Yes, it's time for some kitchen quittin'. This officially closes the blog. I hope you have enjoyed following along with the ups and downs of our renovation.

This picture really says it all about what the renovation has meant for our house and our family. When A.J. was a baby and I was struggling with trying to do everything and be everything to everybody (to be honest, these are challenges I still face every day and without a lot of success), people would say, "Oh, just let him play on the floor while you cook! Let him bang on the pots and pans!" In our old kitchen, that was flat-out impossible. Now everything and everyone has a spot in what is truly the heart of the house.

Our only real complaint at this time is that the rest of the house is even shabbier in comparison, but don't expecting another renovation blog anytime soon.

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