Thursday, March 30, 2006

April 5

That's when it will begin. For real. Definitely. (Even though it had been April 4 until today, but the lead carpenter assured me he'd be here April 5. Anyone taking bets?)

We had the salesman, lead carpenter, and plumber in today to do a walk-through. Only the salesman had been here before, so it was all new to the other two. It's always interesting to see my house through strangers' eyes, especially when it hasn't been picked up. I always end up apologizing for it, explaining that this old house with all its picky little flaws allow us to live (on one income) in a very high-rent city with wonderful public schools. (This is when I start imagining myself as Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink," the "poor" girl from the wrong side of the tracks who had her own car.)

Next up: Boxing up the kitchen. And figuring out where to put those boxes. It almost makes me want to make a prom dress out of rubber spatulas and Brillo pads.

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