Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just got a letter from the credit union in the mail. I tore it open, thinking it was more paperwork. It wasn't -- it was a live check for the full amount of our loan. An amount larger than any of my yearly salaries had ever been.

Now I'm afraid to touch it.

Never having floated a loan like this before, I don't know quite what I had expected. A set of dedicated checks? A credit card? Certainly not the biggest check I've ever seen in my life. The challenge will be not to spend it all in one place ... say, Sephora. Or start thinking I'm rich just because my bank balance says so.

We also have a fairly firm start date: April 4. Our salesman said the team wanted to make sure it finished its current job before starting ours. I said if they could start the week before I'd be able to clear out the kitchen with a night's notice. Part of me is afraid to have my house taken over in this fashion, but a bigger part of me wants the cruddy old kitchen (and all the mice living therein) demolished sooner than later.

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