Monday, April 10, 2006

And the walls come a-tumblin' DOWN!

Let there be light!

This is the view from the back of my kitchen to the dining room. If you're not impressed, try to remember that there used to be a big, dark, oak hanging cabinet right here.

It has begun! Our lead carpenter showed up at 6:45 this morning and is currently tearing down all the cabinetry. It's incredible how different this space is without the huge hanging cabinet blocking conversation, traffic, and light. For that matter, it's incredible how different the kitchen was first thing this morning even before the demolition began, with nothing in the cabinets or on the counter. Or curtains. Or people. It wasn't a bad kitchen if one wanted to keep it empty, I guess.

Here's the new view from the door; I post this mostly for the benefit of our parents who have endured the old kitchen for going on eight years of visits and will appreciate the great difference already.

(Note the ubiquitous Clorox Wipes on the counter. I think giving up the wipes will be my hardest adjustment to the new kitchen, because they're too harsh to use on granite.)

More may have happened since I took these, but the kids and I are sequestered in the family room until we figure out our plan for the day and I haven't been back in the kitchen. Interestingly the lawn guys showed up for the first time this season, so I feel a little like the lady of the manor surrounded by all her "help."

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