Monday, April 03, 2006

Boxing day?

The boxing, it has begun. I have to say it's a much bigger job than I had anticipated. Having such a small kitchen pretty much cured me of my addiction to fun kitchen gadgets, but even so I'm overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things I'm relocating.

There's really no way of knowing what life will be like after Wednesday. We have paper products, individual mini cereal boxes, and plenty of grab-and-go snacks, but will that be enough? I'd already prepared A.J. for six weeks of school lunches as long as the menu isn't completely objectionable, but for those odd days when it is (burrito day, egg roll day, and pizza day -- yes, we've created a child who hates pizza), I was planning on sending in Uncrustables from the freezer. His dad seems to think that Uncrustables are unhealthy and why don't we just make sandwiches on the toolbench in the laundry room, but I'm too spooked about the mouse thing to agree. (He contends that we no longer have mice since we haven't trapped one in weeks. I contend that we have mice, and they're just smarter than the ones who got caught.)

In somewhat related news, I just got a freelancing gig, my first in several months. It's due by COB Wednesday. Great timing, eh? But my client really understands my professional limitations and is really good about shooting stuff my way, so I'm happy to do it, even if it will complicate life for the next two days. I'm trying to look at it making a dent in the refrigerator price, or 0.000000001% of our loan.

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