Sunday, April 09, 2006


Zelda would like to inform our readers that not only are the cabinets now empty, but they are mouse-free. (We'll see what demolition brings, though.)

I spent the better part of a work week (my director was out of town) back in '98 cutting all that contact paper to size. Did you know that none of the cabinets in this kitchen are a standard size, or even the same size as each other? I painstakingly measured each and every shelf, then used my department's designers' tools (giant cutting boards and all the fresh Xacto knives) to cut the right size for each piece. I then labeled each completed piece and stacked it in the correct order with the other pieces of that particular cabinet. My co-workers threatened to swap the labels on me but knew not to follow through on this.

My original paperwork is in our basement utility closet; I knew I'd never go through and re-measure everything ever again. I can't wait to throw it away later today.

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