Thursday, April 06, 2006

It beats twiddling my thumbs.

With T minus three days until the demolition begins (so they say), I'm getting a perverse pleasure out of scraping together meals in our sparsely outfitted kitchen, out of items from our sparsely outfitted pantry and refrigerator. It will be far easier eating out once the job is underway, so I'm trying to offset restaurant-weariness in these so-called bonus days of freedom.

Since I'd boxed up almost everything when I got the call, I was able to grab just a few things that were either in the dishwasher or on top of the boxes, so our meals rely heavily on the Pampered Chef MicroCooker, the pancake griddle (which wouldn't fit in a box), and two Tupperware containers. My menus have been surprisingly interesting and well-balanced.

There's a lesson to be learned about having too many pots and pans here. Perhaps my problem isn't that I needed a bigger kitchen, but a much smaller one.

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