Tuesday, April 18, 2006

SNAFU (but not for me!)

We went with our renovation firm because although they are a little pricier than others -- and much pricer than doing it ourselves (assuming we had the time, inclination and skill) -- they do everything. So when our lead carpenter called this morning to say he was unexpectedly tangled in red tape at City Hall regarding permits and inspections, all I had to do was wish him luck. (For the record, he anticipates it being straightened out by the end of the day and business will go on as usual tomorrow.)

In lieu of an exciting update, here's a recent photo showing the roughed-in electrical work. Since I had exactly one counter-height outlet for almost eight years -- requiring much juggling if one were inclined to use the mixer, crock pot, and microwave -- you may understand why I get excited about stuff like this. (It even helps me get past the big gaping rat pet-door in the floor on the right there.)

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