Monday, April 17, 2006

The world's most cramped, badly decorated efficiency apartment ...

... or our living room?

When we were emptying the kitchen for the first day of demolition, somehow I hadn't considered that the table would have to go as well. So for the past week, the table and every other little thing I forgot to move out has been crammed into our living room -- a fully furnished space no bigger or inviting than the space that's currently being renovated.

Embarrassingly enough, this photo doesn't fully show the depth of the chaos we endured all week long. I took the it Sunday, after I had spent most of Sunday going through the huge piles on every chair as well as on the table. Here, at least, I've created paths to the back of the room (which would have come in handy on Friday when the carpenter asked for a payment and I had to practically vault to the far corner for the checkbook).

There's still three times as much furniture as should be in the room, and it's not at all inviting, but at least we can use the table if we want to. (Did you notice the ubiquitous Clorox Wipes front and center?)

I LOVE your blog. The photos really convey the inconveniences you've endured (especially the before pics). It almost makes me want to reconsider the granite countertops I've been dying to have though dining out every night for 3 weeks sounds heavenly!

Thanks for sharing!
Kim in SoCal
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