Monday, May 22, 2006

The abyss

It isn't easy getting a good photo of your floor. I chose this view because it represents what our biggest stumbling block (in more ways than one) will be over the next several days.

To the left of this foyer is the kitchen; to the right is the living room. All three areas will be sanded and stained tomorrow, and this stairway opening will be sealed off to prevent wood dust from escaping upstairs. (Shortly after we had the upstairs floors refinished before A.J. was born, the smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night. John had to whisk his largely pregnant wife and his temperamental cat to safety, only to learn from the firefighters that wood dust had gotten into the works of the alarm.)

Wayne the Carpenter says that the floor project probably won't displace us as much as I have feared. That's a good thing, considering the decent hotels in the area seem to like charging $249 per night. Even so, we likely won't be in the house except to sleep.

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