Thursday, May 18, 2006

Colour my world

The paint crew was here all day and through a lot of the evening, probably because I spent so much time coming to a color decision and forced them to start late. Their shadowy figures seemed to be hard at work behind the plastic curtain. Since I don't remember any of my college Spanish, for all I know they were venting to each other about the crazy lady who can't make up her mind already.

At one point they opened the curtain to ask me a question about the radiator color, and I caught a glimpse of color on the wallls. Ahhhh! It was gorgeous! I'd made the right choice! I went so far as to compliment their work, and in broken English the lead painter informed me that what I was so excited about ... was actually the primer. Is it any wonder why paint is hard for me?

ROFLMBOOOOOOOO..........You are hiliarous!
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