Thursday, May 04, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Just about everything in our contract for the renovation is "standard;" the final kitchen will be gloriously unremarkable. That's fine with me; I am not looking to win design awards or have my home on a House & Garden Tour. An improved, functional kitchen that we can afford is my number-one consideration.

So when the granite guy asked me what edging I wanted, I was unprepared. I told him "standard" was in my contract, and he informed me that there are actually five standard edgings. That doesn't make much sense to me -- much like how my high school had eleven valedictorians, but I digress.

Therefore, I was faced with making a choice, with absolutely no experience or good taste with which to back it up. If my mother hadn't been in a plane flying home from Frankfurt, Germany, at the time, I would have hit her up for an opinion. As it was, I was on my own.

I studied the sheet showing the five edgings, and our carpenter said, "Do you want to call your husband and see what he likes?" Ha! My husband's whole atittude toward this renovation has been, "Whatever you like! You know best! Yes, I've submitted the loan application!" I like that in a guy, but it is not helpful when faced with an edging decision that I will have to live with for the rest of my life (or the house's life).

I decided to ask the experts standing right before me. I asked the carpenter, "Which do you like?" He liked the look of a bullet finish (rounded on both top and bottom). I asked the granite guy, "Which do you like?" He liked a square base.

I met them in the middle and chose a rounded top and square base. And I've decided to run for Congress.

ROFL.......I'll vote for you.
I'll vote for you too! lmao - okay....that post scared me. I'm not good at making decisions and we'll be doing ours soon and my husband and your husband must be twins separated at birth. That will be his standard answer...."whatever you like, I don't care, you pick and I'll pay for it!"
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