Monday, May 22, 2006

Humpty Dumpty filled in a wall

Once upon a time, there was a doorway here. A doorway that caused a lot of traffic jams and door collisions since it opened to the bathroom (at the left) and basement door (obscured by plastic sheeting here). It was a very useless door, and the Queen commanded, "Lose the door! We don't need the door! Make me an open, airy kitchen!"

To which some villagers cried, "Closing off the door will not result in an airy kitchen! You need the door! Oh, and granite is a terrible choice! So is green paint!"

The Queen laughed maniacally and cut off their heads. The Queen knew that losing the door would provide desperately needed wall space for appliances and cabinetry. The kitchen designer agreed, and the villagers had lost their heads, so "Off with the door!" (The Queen also lost a little hall closet in this deal, but the Queen doesn't care, thanks to the new Royal Wardrobes.)

So the Royal Carpenter and his Band of Merry Drywallers closed off the door and the closet, and left the Queen with this big blank wall. She thinks it has potential as a Royal Gallery and is open to any valuable portraits or other works of art her subjects care to send.

See Nance - you are just making me want to come back to DC and see all you have done!!!
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