Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Out of the box

The hammering below the bedroom today led me to believe that some cabinetry was going in, but I didn't know for sure. At any rate, I figured there might be something to see, so with the kids as well as my neighbor Valerie in tow, I ventured into the Inner Sanctum behind the plastic curtain. I warned Valerie that she may be seeing a whole lot of nothing, a la Al Capone's vault.

I was wrong! Houston, we have cabinetry! Lots of cabinetry.

Here is Colleen posing (alongside a giant level) where the range and microwave will eventually go. Let's hope the appliances I chose are less trouble and prone to breakdowns than Colleen.

Here's the back wall, with the kids posing in the dishwasher space. In the old days I suppose they would have been the dishwasher, so it's somewhat appropriate.

The cabinetry, by the way, is maple with a finish called "honey." If we chose bacon-colored appliances (don't worry -- we didn't), we'd have a whole country breakfast.

These aren't the fanciest cabinets around, but neither are they the cheapest; I wasn't going for a custom look and wanted to put more money toward the really fun things, like upgrading the electrical panel and replacing drywall. Don't hate me because I'm practical.

Coming up: Tomorrow we may have a countertop update, so if you're one of the anti-granite people, you may want to avert your eyes.

OOOOh how exciting!
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