Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The last official week of the renovation has turned into a grand adventure.

Yesterday the floor work began, as well as a huge argument between Wayne, our carpenter, and the floor guys. Wayne wanted us not to be inconvenienced by any of the floor work; the floor guys told him to wake up and smell the polyurethane. Mostly to keep the peace as I helplessly witnessed the fray, I threw some essentials for all four of us into a shopping bag (suitcases are not accessible with all the furniture piled everywhere) but hoped we wouldn't have to use any of it.

When I checked in at the house later in the day, Wayne had left, and the floor guys gave me the lowdown. Unless we want footprints in our newly finished floors and a perpetual high from the fumes, we should camp out elsewhere for the duration of the job. Both of our entryways are blocked by floor work, and the polyurethane smell was overpowering. So last night we checked into a hotel and felt we made the right decision by staying out of the house.

Later today we'll check into a furnished corporate apartment. For considerably less than we paid for one night in one room last night, we'll have a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a giant play area, wireless Internet, and kids' activities. This place is so beautiful, it will be a real letdown to return to our own house. (But when we do return, we'll have a fumeless house with beautifully stained and finished floors.)

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