Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dumpster, I barely knew ye.

All too soon, it's over.

The kitchen is essentially done, except for a few minor tweaks. Yet somehow I was unprepared for the dumpster to go.

Sure, it will be nice to have the driveway to ourselves again. I will certainly not miss the constant worry that rats have assumed control of the dumpster and its contents. But let's face it -- it can be very nice having a giant trash can at your disposal (ha ha).

I didn't use it much, since Wayne warned me about using up precious volume early on. But I'll admit to tossing some large branches and unwieldy cartons in there. Maybe a few other things.

But I had big plans for the dumpster before it was gone. I'd hoped to really weed out a lot of junk as I move back into the kitchen. Plus, there were a lot of things around the house and yard I'd planned on sneaking in there, like the pile of bricks that seems like a good place for rats or snakes to lurk.

But no go. As the dumpster guy brought out the lifting apparatus, I hastily tossed two bricks and a carton from the garage, then sadly watched as it left my life forever.

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