Sunday, June 04, 2006

Organizer extraordinaire!

Everyone, say hello to Grammy. I imported Grammy all the way from Massachusetts for her enviable organization skills, none of which appear to be genetic in nature. In a spare 48-hour visit, we unpacked eight large cartons of kitchen things and found them all snazzy new homes.

Here's my baking center. As with everything else good and functional in the kitchen, it was Grammy's idea to dedicate an entire cabinet to my cookie-baking habit.

Funny story behind the dinnerware cabinet: I'd sent Grammy to bed on Friday night, intending to do a few easy tasks before retiring myself. I pulled a dish out of a carton, placed it on the shelf ... and it didn't fit.

Now, this is hardly family-heirloom china -- it is plain stuff I picked up at Target several years ago, $20 for about 100 pieces. I liked it so much I went back and shelled out an additional $20 to double the collection. It's bright and clean and you can throw it in a diamond mine and it won't break. I called Grammy out of bed to assess this situation. It just didn't make sense that standard cabinetry would not accommodate dishes from Target. Finally we decided we'd either have to live with the door being slightly ajar, or else invest in new dishes.

The next morning, I unwrapped another dish, put it in the cabinet ... and it fit. The dish that had caused all the trouble was actually a serving platter (that looks just like the regular dishes).

Here's the best overall view I could get of the now-utilitarian kitchen. I am moved-in enough to have baked my first batch of chocolate-chip cookies, and I'm currently typing this from the table you see in the foreground.

I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without Grammy's help. (In fact, I am pretty sure I would have still been focusing on that dish situation and running to The Container Store for a solution.) Thank you, Grammy! You are an organizational genius and a foxy grandmama.

Beautiful! Your mother is more than welcome to visit me, should I ever renovate my kitchen.

So, is this the end of this bitchin' blog?
Your new kitchen is beautiful. It looks really large! Good choice on taking down the wall. Nice job!
You are going to be so much happier now. I know I am happy in my bigger kitchen.
It looks wonderful. Yay for Grammy!
Wow! I'm totally and completely envious. Do you think Grammy will come organize my house when we finish our renos?
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